Respect Adds Up

Banks are supposed to be respected institutions. But what really matters to us, is being respectful. At United Bank Of Canada Plc , we want you to prosper. That’s why we treat you and your money with respect. From how we talk and listen, to how we act and how we care for the person behind the account number. And it’s not just about the big stuff. Every little interaction and connection matters. Because it all adds up to something great.


Live a life of prosperity
Save, spend, and live life to the fullest with these helpful articles from Prosper and Thrive.

10 Credit Tips from Someone with a Perfect Credit Score


Ultimate Cash Back® Credit Card

Respect is giving you 1.5% cash back on purchases, with no restrictions to worry about. No foreign transaction fees, annual fees, balance transfer fees, or cash advances fees.▲▲▲

Educate the future
For more than 20 years, we’ve worked with colleges, universities, and research centers to empower some students around the world.
Improve our communities
We invest in non-profit organizations that turn our communities into better places to live and work.

Protect the environment
We’re an environmentally responsible bank, which means we’re actively looking for ways to reduce our carbon emissions and use technology to benefit our customers—and the world.


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We’re United Bank Of Canada Plc

We got our start in Combodia, but we’ve been serving customers in the Northeast since 2013. It’s our mission to help you prosper. So we treat you and your money the way we all want to be treated—with respect. How do we do it? With simple ways to spend, save, and manage your money better. From teaching your high schooler how to set up and use a checking account to helping you buy your first home, we’ll be there, right by your side. Because, at United Bank Of Canada Plc , we believe respecting you and your money is the first step on the journey to prosperity.

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