International Economic Community
We are well known by the international Comunities. we can transfer money from the international banks to local banks of your choice.
The international banking policies is what we follow to make your currency Transfer, Recieving and exchange very fast and reliable.
My Children My Joy
My children My Joy promo account is an account design for parents who want to insure their children education. In this account, we will complete your children education if you have reach the contribution level required.
Prepaid And Postpaid Account

With our prepaid single account you can spend money you have not yet deposited into the bank.You can do this by selecting your account as your salary account then apply for our visa prepaid card and spent the money that is within the range of your income.

Note: You only spent according to your income range .

With our live insurance Savings promo account , you can save money that will help you to take care of yourself at retirement . you can join other million customers today to benefit from this promo account.
Our loan maginal point is not partial you can try it today. we established a normal franction for international banking and differential fraction for international to local banking.   We connect you to your nearby internationa Business partners with our business linkage utility you can tranfer money from your online account to bussiness partners  


Our Currency Exchange rate is based on the international capital market.we exchange any kind of currency to it accepted capital market value, no matter the continent or country.
We Give any kind of both credit or debit card for your transaction, our card includes Master, Visa, Verve and Zisa Card. We also run a travel and tour account for you that can enable you withdraw in any country of your choice using your credit card. Apply Now
We buy and sell all kings of currency for your internation transaction. with our Recon Account, You can deposite or transfer any kind of currency into your account and will be converted to any other currency you choose automatically.
Our International market chart is here to help you find your way to any country of investment. we connect investors with vission to a country that needs their investment by using our international bussiness development team as a tool of data collection and verification. all you need to do is to open online account to get started.
Our technical team will help you configure your account for international banking. For account configuration and setting , some valid verification process is required to make sure your are the owner of the account for security reasons. Please bear with us. Contact the technical team for your Problem
We have been giving standard banking licence award to operate in any kind of currency transaction. be it country to country conversion, continental curency operation or internation to local banking. With the help of our technical team your account can be configured to acceptpost paid loan from the capital market.
Our Global community Banking Sector is here to make sure your local banks are connected to the international banking sectore so as to enable them know whatis happining arround the globe concerning the banks and thier customers. Your bank is your bussiness and your bussiness is you